AirPush removal | Joachim De Zutter
To remove AirPush advertisement/spam push notifications displayed in the notification bar on Android devices, there is an application called AirPush Detector by Dan Bjorge that can detect and remove any application that uses the AirPush, LeadBolt, Appenda, IAC or Moolah Media mobile ad networks.

An application called Mp3 Ringtone Maker Pro that used the AirPush framework tried to install all kinds of other Android applications, f.e.:
Filename: sexy_dating.apk
Filesize: 126395
MD5: 8d64588e920d717344aa17314251da22
SHA1: 0f4d0878351359c430f075f8659afb51816d4aee
SHA256: 405f8412c6014191c563de7aef5822d666caf0403dd842e017897e3301479a36