Hotmail Trojan.HTML.Redirector | Joachim De Zutter
July 2012

Spam mails sent from compromised Hotmail accounts contain a link to a redirecting HTML page which displays the following and sends the user to websites advertising a weight loss drug named HCG.

You are here because one of your friends
have invited you.
Page loading, please wait....

Filename: doremj.html
Filesize: 176
MD5: 520c92b05ba4dfa1543bae9dd656baa6
SHA1: d59c2743f6ad086876552a16f6fee1c48bc2a88f
SHA256: 162de89ca020b63e77a408cfa3107245ffb93f529ffb9e84dc1bff84a4acd7ea
Filename: brkkox.html
Filesize: 182
MD5: 3cb978faa7d6103439bfb08efbd208b2
SHA1: aec1a906e684fd7507fc3cf70080548594077308
SHA256: 3780513f8ea0645a2c677781184b36ec50c4f341b614be9037b5209f3cd2eca8